The Resurrection Maker by Glenn Cooper

From the Publisher:
#1 International Bestseller

Echoes from the past guide Arthur Malory on a dangerous search for the Holy Grail, a quest that may shed light on the mystery of the resurrection of Christ.

From the thriller writer, Glenn Cooper, whose books have sold five million copies and have been top-ten bestsellers throughout Europe, comes his explosive new thriller, the most innovative and controversial book ever written on the Holy Grail and the resurrection of Christ. Arthur Malory, a seemingly ordinary Englishman, has a burning interest in the Grail, a passion inherited from his father. Thrust into a life-or-death quest to find the precious artifact, he will discover not only his own amazing heritage but the power that the Grail possesses, a power that informs the resurrection of Christ and explosively merges spiritual and scientific thought.

My Review:

Another great read by Glenn Cooper! This book was also a totally different experience than the other two I have read by this author, but again the characters and story do not disappoint. This book explores the search for the Holy Grail and switches back and forth between a historical tale and a more present-day search.

There are some really neat concepts in this hunt for the Holy Grail. I really enjoy books that manage to give me a bit of a history and science lessons wrapped up in an entertaining read. (I don’t want to know if it isn’t totally accurate lol). Another recommended read.

Author: Barb

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