All That We Touch by Ray Else


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I did not realize that this is the third book in a series, so it took awhile to catch up with the characters and plot. It was an alright read but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Possibly reading the first two in the series first would help.

What if your lover betrayed you, crowning you with sorrow? What if you were then kidnapped, threatened with death? Brokenhearted, you almost wish that the kidnappers would kill you. You wish your world would come to an end. Only, you slowly realize, your world is everyone else’s. This is Fernanda’s story.

Fernanda first met Randy when he and his friend Chance came to Mexico to celebrate graduating high school. It was love at first sight. After a marvelous time together and a single kiss, Randy smuggled Fernanda across the border, at her request, to start a new life. But after coming to America she lost contact with Randy. Ten years passed before he tracked her down again, and reclaimed her heart.

They now live in a cabin next to a quartz crystal mine in Arkansas. Fernanda has Randy’s baby, a daughter, and all seems well, if not for certain rumors on the internet. Rumors that Fernanda is more than she appears to be. One of the rumors says that she is actually Fernanda the Ripper, member of a thousand year old Indian cult of murderers. Another rumor says the opposite, that she is actually Fernanda the Innocent, born to be sacrificed, that she is perhaps even the long-awaited Christian Messiah. In any event, the FBI are involved, are watching the cabin and Fernanda’s every movement. When Randy takes Fernanda to Paris on their second honeymoon, the FBI follow.

Meanwhile FBI agent Ed Pushkin, on loan to INTERPOL, is pursuing another case. He is told to go to the Saint Anthony Chapel in Pittsburgh to investigate the theft of a holy relic, a thorn from the Crown of Thorns. The investigation leads to London, where another holy thorn has been stolen from an exquisite reliquary in the British Museum, and a guard killed. In London Ed meets Chief Investigator Phoebe Mullins, who has a preposterous theory that leads them to Paris, to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, where the original Crown of Thorns is kept under lock and key.

After a series of events in Paris that bring the individuals involved in these two FBI cases together, Fernanda is taken by strange men on a train to Istanbul, followed by Ed and CI Mullins and Randy. In ancient Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, Fernanda must make a decision that could impact not only her baby but all mankind.

Author: Barb

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